Touch Tablets and Touch Screens

What do you think of when I say touch tablet or a touch screen? Perhaps a Wacom art tablet? Touch screen devices like an iPad or other tablet device? Or maybe an interactive kiosk (such as for buying commuter tickets). Sure, these are great new technologies. Or are they? Alan Alda might have something to say about that… from about 30 years ago! Read more Touch Tablets and Touch Screens

Searching for Answers

I own an Android smart phone. The thing only leaves my side to charge and I use it for a lot of activities. I use it as my primary Gmail viewer, checking Twitter and Facebook on the go, for news, and some internet searches. I don’t think I ever realized how closely my phone was tracking my habits. But the other day I swear it read my mind. Read more Searching for Answers

Interactive Grass?

During some of my earlier searches into NUI I came across, a community for sharing ideas as NUI is explored. One concept that took me by surprise and made me rethink my initial thoughts of what a Natural User Interface is about was Interaction Grass – Frits Stam. Read more Interactive Grass?