SixthSense… Where Are We Now?

Pranav Mistry Demonstrates SixthSenseI can remember the excitement among my friends at seeing the TED video about SixthSense. Indeed I shared it with as many people who I could, excited about what was being developed. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the Talk on SixthSense was filmed. So I wanted to look and see where are we with it today?

You don’t have to look very far to see that what was being shown just a few years ago in a demonstration is beginning to trickle into the market. Take QR codes. They’re EVERYWHERE! And with an App on your phone you can scan it and get more information. What’s interesting is that the QR code has been around for a while. It probably just took some inspired software engineer to look at their iPhone and the QR code on the back of some product they had in their hands and think… hey, I wonder?

How about gesture control? We’ve seen innovation for that using all sorts of sensors and devices, all without the color tape on your fingers. Microsoft had been leading the way with the development of the Kinect, but several other companies are developing similar products or software for gesture control. Touch screens have helped to increase the awareness of gesture based input for consumer. There’s even been rumors of smart phones that will have gesture recognition for some features.

But what about personal projection? That may be a bit more in the future as at this point the reasons behind providing projection is not very strong. Consumers are now used to interfacing with their technology via touch screens on their tablets and smart phones which have better contrast and readability.

But we are getting there in all areas. It’s just a matter of time before it all comes together.

-Eric Wilkinson

Here’s a piece on the SixthSense from Popular Science! Invention Awards: The World as a Web Interface | Popular Science.

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