About NUI Mall

Human and computer interaction continues to evolve and change as new technology is created. Industry leaders, academics, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs have been striving to make that interaction with technology easier and more natural. I would like to welcome you to my own personal take on technology as a life-long enthusiast.

Who am I? If you’ve been around in the computer industry long enough you might be familiar with my last name and the association with the Atari line of computers. I’m a bit of a chip off the old board. I had the pleasure to experience the arrival of the home computer and the wonders it held.

I will be exploring how we interact with the technology around us, what the future holds, and what is, or should be, making some headlines! I might even throw in some older tech as well to show how things have changed (or haven’t) for pure nostalgia reasons.

I also like to show NUI in popular media, such as movies. I know it’s all stuff we’ve mostly seen before, but what the heck, it’s still fun to have it all in one place!

I invite you to keep learning, as I have, and join me in this adventure!

-Eric Wilkinson

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