A Leader’s Guide to Redesigning Work in the Era of Cognitive Technologies | David Schatsky

Although automation is undeniably valuable, decades of research have shown that it does not always deliver the foreseen benefits and can have unintended consequences.

Source: A Leader’s Guide to Redesigning Work in the Era of Cognitive Technologies | David Schatsky

Touch Tablets and Touch Screens

What do you think of when I say touch tablet or a touch screen? Perhaps a Wacom art tablet? Touch screen devices like an iPad or other tablet device? Or maybe an interactive kiosk (such as for buying commuter tickets). Sure, these are great new technologies. Or are they? Alan Alda might have something to say about that… from about 30 years ago! Read more Touch Tablets and Touch Screens

Kinect for Windows Gets All Up In Your Grill

A recent post from the folks over at Channel 9 has caught my attention regarding a Kinect for Windows development. The original article is a bit on the technical side and goes into lots of great information on how to use the API and various resolution issues that quite frankly is a bit too technical to get real excited over, especially with this announcement competing with E3 announcements. I’ve decided to take a step back from all the supper technical code speak and talk about why this is an important step for NUI. Read more Kinect for Windows Gets All Up In Your Grill

“Hello Computer.”

One of my favorite Human-Computer interactions in Cinema was the scene in Star Trek IV where Scotty interacts with the computer at the manufacturing plant. This has always stuck with me as a display of how we expected technology to change. For me, prior to the movie, I never gave much thought to how we interacted with computers. Seeing this as a kid made me realize that the human/computer interface will continue to change and so will our expectations. As I sit here and type this I know that my days of using a keyboard are numbered. I will explore current and upcoming voice recognition technologies in upcoming posts.

The below video is a bit long… so if you want to skip ahead to the best part follow the link below the video!

Skip to Scotty using the computer…
Scotty Using the Keyboard

Welcome to NUI!

NUI is an acronym for “Natural User Interface.”

The world currently runs on GUI–Graphical User Interface–but that is fast changing.  Such motion sensing devices as Kinect (tm Microsoft) and even the position sensors in iPad (tm Apple), Nook (tm Barnes and Noble), and many other tablet devices that allow them to respond to human movements are just the beginnings of what will be an exciting new world devoted to ever more natural-feeling interfaces to all kinds of devices.

In this blog, I will explore the world of these interfaces as well as the devices they control.  Join me in a walk into a NUI world.

— Eric Wilkinson