Will Your Next Touchscreen Be A Mouse?

It appears the race is on to create a touchscreen that will provide haptic feedback. Leading the charge appears to be researchers at Bristol University in England and Disney Research.

In both cases the teams at Bristol University and Disney Research are working to find a way to simulate the sensation of touch on an otherwise smooth surface. The idea is to give the illusion of feeling a three dimensional object, such as buttons, edges to on screen objects, and other surfaces. Read more Will Your Next Touchscreen Be A Mouse?

Touch Tablets and Touch Screens

What do you think of when I say touch tablet or a touch screen? Perhaps a Wacom art tablet? Touch screen devices like an iPad or other tablet device? Or maybe an interactive kiosk (such as for buying commuter tickets). Sure, these are great new technologies. Or are they? Alan Alda might have something to say about that… from about 30 years ago! Read more Touch Tablets and Touch Screens